The streets of Phila….Neah, Brussels.

The protagonist of this artistic endeavour soon has to discover that the streets of Brussels are a world of their own and unwillingly he becomes, for a split second, a street ‘cleaner’ 🙂

Rue des Patriotes – near Kostas’s places – 8:30 a.m. – going to work

Rue de Loi – 12:30 p.m. – going for lunch

Rue de Loi – 13:15 p.m. – coming back from lunch

Rue des Patriotes – 17:30 p.m. – going home

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A flight to remember!

Our dear friend Kostas Andersson (with swedo-finno-greeko-cypriot roots) decided to go to Stockholm, but was he in a surprise that day!

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End of Year and X-mas Party

Because the end of year was approaching, the DG in which Kostas works, decided to throw a nice ‘End of Year Party’, a party Kostas could not miss. But as he soon found out, a Thursday night party means that Friday is still a working day…And he earned himself a nickname as well.

Thursday night – ‘End of Year Party’

Friday – ‘The day after’

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Brussels-Schuman Metro Station

Kostas just came back from his trip to Norway but soon enough finds out that life can get a bit exciting in the Schuman Metro Station. Ah, the famous station under the Commission that has been under construction before ‘The Young and the Restless’ started and will be like this even after the TV series will have ended.



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After the lunch break

Kostas, like the rest of the stagiaires always takes a nice long lunch break. The problem however arises after having taken lunch, as you see, the blood rushes from the head into the stomach and the intestines to start soaking up all the good nutrients. The problem is that almost no blood is left in the brain 😉 And Kostas has a job that requires mental activity.

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Plat végétarien

Kostas was told during the introduction day that his ‘badge’ confers him almost anything he wants within the EU institutions…  Unfortunately he could not use his badge to get into the institutions he doesn’t work in, but he was promised that he has a 35% discount with his badge in the canteen. Now besides being a half  Swedish from the island of Aland with a Greek Cypriot mother, Kostas is also a vegetarian.

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Kostas and the weather in Brussels

So our beloved EU stagiair, Kostas Andersson ( Finnish citizen of Swedish ethnicity from the island of Aland who is also half Greek Cypriot) has come to learn a valuable lesson in Brussels. It doesn’t matter if you have an umbrella or not, or if it is sunny, cloudy or rainy. One way or another you will end up wet in Brussels.

First Day – Without Umbrella

Second Day – With Umbrella

Third Day – What the hell! It doesn’t matter anyway

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The lunchtime conference

Ah, the lunchtime conference…One of Kostas’ and other stagiaires’ favorite past times. But soon Kostas will find out that not all of them are successful… Some of them just miss that ‘magic ingredient’. Let’s see who can spot the difference between the two sets 😉

LUNCHTIME CONFERENCE No.1                                 LUNCHTIME CONFERENCE No.2

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The ‘badge’

During his introduction day Kostas was given a stagiaire ‘badge’. Oh yes, the magic card that will open the doors of all EU institutions, and security guards will greet him with a smile each morning upon checking his badge. But as he will soon find out, not every EU institution is too happy when seeing his stagiaire badge.

At DG XYZ ( EU Commission)

At the Berlaymont building (EU Commission)

At the European Parliament

At the European Council

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Letter of Formal Notice….

Kostas is starting to realize that EU officials speak a strange language, littered with acronyms he doesn’t understand. He does not yet know that an ‘LFN’ (elephan) is a ‘Letter of Formal Notice’, or that an ‘MNE’ is a ‘National Measure’ or the abbreviation ‘RO’ is not Romania, but a ‘Reasoned Opinion’.


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